All Seasons Art Club started 10 years ago and has continued in Hattersley ever since. They currently meet at the Arundale School community rooms in Hattersley. The community group received a grant of £1,000 from Tameside 4 Good to fund a professional artist, Sheila Meeks, to attend each painting and drawing session for an entire year. The club begins each week with members laying out the piece they are working on and Sheila and the group discuss the techniques and give any tips that can help its progress or completion. The class then continues with Sheila giving individual tuition to each member as required. A recent member says that the group are very welcoming and pass along tips without being overbearing. Even though she hasn’t laid out any work yet, she says that the group has been an ‘absolute pleasure’.

The founder members wanted to start a club that would encourage people to learn and follow their interest in art no matter what their skill level.  By allowing people to pursue their own projects they can join the group whenever they want and pursue any projects they like. Sometimes the group do a project such as a still life and they will learn about how various famous artists have approached the subject, or how to use different art mediums such as acrylic, pastel and watercolours etc, but mainly the group is for people to pursue their own personal interest in a friendly welcoming atmosphere with an expert on hand.

The club is open to anyone over 18 but is mainly made up of retired people due to the meeting times. Members have often started after an illness as it is considered a very therapeutic practice. Several members have had a stroke and use the art as therapy. The club gets people out of the house and allows them to learn and develop skills that they never knew they had.

Anyone interested in learning how to draw and paint or to improve their existing skill is welcome to come along, call Mr J Thomas 01457 762469.

All Seasons Art Club member paintingAll Seasons Art ClubPainting of boatsShelia displaying the artFishing paintingBuddist painting