The Cranberries, an elderly people’s group based in Tameside, was awarded £2,025 after group organiser, Audrey Ward, applied for the Tameside 4 Good grant. These funds were used as part of creating a “Down Memory Lane Calendar”.

Audrey, who has been running the group for over 10 years, decided to bring together elderly people in Tameside after she came to realise she was being treated different because of her age. She decided to “break down these barriers” head on by creating the Cranberries Club.

Members of the group meet each week, carrying out exercises to keep fit whist also going out on trips, socialising and creating a community with each other.  “We just have fun really,” Audrey says proudly, “They keep fit and it’s lively which is what it’s all about.

CalendarThe idea of a calendar began after an animated discussion over the sweets members of the group used to eat as children. Audrey believed she could think up other topics from the past such as vintage Television shows or old and obscure beauty tips, all topics which eventually became part of the calendar.

The 2015 calendar, funded by Tameside 4 Good, is being sold for £5 and all proceeds go to helping to organise other fun projects and activities for members of the Cranberries to carry out.

 Cranberries Fun

Members of the Group include Barry Locke and Ruth Barratt. 

Audrey is currently planning a new project which involves the “past lives” of members of the Cranberries to continue encouraging members to remember the past, engage with the present whilst also socialising and keeping fit

Individuals or groups living in the Tameside area can apply for a Tameside 4 Good individual grant to fund an activity to help them achieve their potential. To apply download the grant guidelines and an application.

The money for the Tameside 4 Good Grants has been made possible due to the fantastic fundraising efforts of local people and businesses along with the release of a number of dormant Charitable Trust funds that Tameside Council, as a big supporter of Tameside 4 Good, has made available to local good causes.

For more information on the grants contact Naomi Sampson or Candice Southern on Tel: 0161 339 4985, Email: